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Virginia Sartori

Enjoy an opulent and splendid holiday in the exclusive setting of Trentino! Luxury Hotel & Spa. Sports Academies. Starred Chefs. World's Leading Resort and much more!


Imagining a not too distant future indelibly conditioned by our ecological footprint, the artist invites us to a luxurious, opulent and sumptuous hotel. Echoing the tourist villages of the Adriatic coast of the 90s, a digital postcard and an imaginary programme illustrate what the Fort Village Resort could offer on a typical day.​

The work attempts to summarize -  with a particular aesthetic taste - the human stupidity that, faced with the reality of the return of the sea in the Alps, could only propose alternative visions of not too “orthodox” use of a similar space. Once Again very far from a real awareness of the climate and environmental change that we inevitably face.

Virginia Sartori
President and founder of Alchemica, Urban Curator and Process Consultant. She currently works with performing arts, art installations, community development and urban regeneration. She participated in personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad. She obtained a Master in Arts Therapies, after completing her studies in the Specialized Biennium of Sculpture and a three-year degree in Decoration for the Environment at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and an Erasmus at the Academy of Bellas Artes of the Complutense University of Madrid.

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