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A work that completes the artwork (installation and recording) already exhibited  years ago at Alchemica - a painful journey that took years to come to the expression of a deep wound left by sexual violence.

Forti radici (strong roots) brings that experience and the related feelings of guilt to a closure.The woman represented with unfired  clay no longer exists, she herself has deteriorated over time. The artist is no longer the same person but has learned to rely on herself;  having understood the pain and having worked through it over the years, she finally feels like a strong and free woman who can manage her anguish.

For this reason Cinzia Zeni has decided to entrust herself, represented by the clay sculpture, to water and the atmospheric elements so that it can returns to  earth and finally become  part of the natural cycle of things.


In this context, the Fort becomes a metaphor for the fortresses and walls that we erect inside ourselves. Walls that sometimes protect us, but sometimes constrain us and force us to struggle to climb, tear down or rebuild them to understand ourselves and be able to live in an increasingly dystopian reality.

Cinzia Zeni
Cinzia Zeni has always been passionate about art; she began her artistic career as a self-taught person. Attends advanced courses in different artistic techniques. For several years she was tutor and later didactic director of the art therapy school for the headquarters of Artedo - Trento. Currently she is a freelance practitioner of arts therapies, member of the ALCHEMICA Association, founding member of the AlternArt cultural association, member of the Onlus Anti Drug Center Association. She has a four-year certificate of specialization in art therapy. Autogenic Training Operator.

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