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The artwork is an act of connection with the ancestral energies of the landscape —a landscape that in its earliest forms of interaction with the human being was a sacred place.


In the middle of the gorge, the Vela stream, water—source of life— flows between the prehistoric burials and the skulls once deposited in the cavities of the rock. Life flowing into death; death, a transforming and generating force of the new. In this view, the sacredness of death is closely related to the sacredness of life, and honoring one necessarily means honoring its opposite.

In this dialogue between the coexistence of two opposing and complementary forces, the ancient soul of this place is revealed: the making of the work is a spiritual act aiming to honor the original chthonic forces that sustain the contemporary landscape.

The audio track is made in collaboration with Alessia Orsa and Andrea Garofalo. The installation is made with the technical support of Sergio Gadda.

Silvia Gadda
Self-taught artist, her preferential expressive channel is painting. Passionate about muralism, lover of strong colors and of life in color, she loves to travel the world creating works, sharing experiences and homes with the people she meets along the way. She refined her painting technique in the workshop of the artist Stefano Anselmi and at the International School of Illustration of Sarmede. She curates expressive workshops and designs participatory art courses, preferring artistic production for the public space.

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