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La Chigi

Two small iridescent and mute lips, made with lids of food cans, await an interlocutor to be able to tell analyzes the recursiveness of History, with its circle of voluntary destruction and death, and the profound persistence of this memory over time, at an underground and collective level, through the recovery of texts belonging to the  the popular tradition in different cultures and  languages (Italian, English and German).

The artwork is presented as a sort of small archaeological find— onefrom a distant past, yet at the same time still dramatically close and current. With a strongly symbolic value, it dialogues with the space of the Cadine Fort evoking its history and history and life (and nutrition) of its temporary "inhabitants".


The work is a critique of the short-sighted repression of the past that characterizes our present and a distorted use of technique, whose silent “relics” are destined to survive us.


The work consists of two complementary parts: one material, visible on site, and one sound, accessible via a qr code. The communication of memory and tradition is therefore mediated by popular knowledge and another, equally non-neutral, technology. History is not accessible at a profound level without an active desire to understand and listen, being  therefore destined to repeat itself inexorably.

La Chigi
Graduated in Modern Literature with a historical-artistic address (Trento), she works with unconventional materials and “objets trouvès” on the themes of communication and the Home, physical space and place of the soul. Through installations and ready-made it distils human feelings into ironic and apparently light skits. Her artworks have been presented in Italy and abroad in national and international group exhibitions and in solo shows. Winner of the "Collective 20" of the No Name Collective Gallery (2021), finalist at the “Festival DeSidera” (2021) and at the ArtKeys prize 2020, she lives and works in Trento.

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