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Maria Lombardi

La resa (The surrender) aims  to be a moment of reflection on vulnerability and strength, in which the Fort becomes a symbol of the human who surrenders to beauty, purity and nature. It is precisely nature, symbolized by the material of the Earth, clay, that brings us the message, and it is in nature itself that the message will spread and dissolve.


The verse of the poem asks us to examine what meaning does the term “surrender” has for us, on an intimate but also social and political level. The artist has chosen to make it a participatory work to stimulate the users’ to think and speak out: they will modify, together with the atmospheric agents, the work itself. The change happening over time will be visible through the video of the virgin work.


The font of the words is the result of research, within the Fort, of the writing method of the time. Specifically, you can find the letters of the map of the Fort itself.

Thanks to Luca Cremaschi for the video editing and to Giacomo Pallaver for the realization of the video clips with the drone.

Maria Lombardi
Social worker, in recent years she has explored the cathartic power of words in poetic form, publishing in collective collections. Self-taught in oil and watercolor painting, she is fascinated by the world of ceramics and the Earth as a tool of connection and awareness, she begins to explore it in Puglia and deepens it by coming into contact with the Con_Creta Laboratory led byAlchemica. She is also a Yoga teacher, and is interested in meditation.

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