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The artwork is a soundscape inspired by Chet Baker and by the memories of his military past; it was created by reinventing the cannon of the Cadine Fort as a percussive instrument.


“[....] being in the gang of the sixth army was like having a permanent session. Every day I was able to get there in time for the wake up call (and roll call), rehearse in the morning with the band, and usually in the afternoon I was free to go home and break down. I got up around midnight, I went to play at Bop City, until half past five, I rushed to the base, I did the roll call and so on. "

(Chet Baker, "As though I had wings", Minimum Fax)


The location of the artwork and its nature of harmonic loop aims to immerse the listener in the frenetic and euphoric cycle described by the singer and trumpeter.

Beyond the distinction between sound and noise, between harmony and cacophony, between electronic and organic: Friform is a para-musical project of sound intervention that lends itself to sounds, acoustic experiences, vaporwave, glitch and dance music.

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