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Maria Vittoria Barrella

The traces of humanity may be indistinguishable but humanity sometimes leaves its mark in places through the Sign par excellence: writing.

Retracing the fort, collecting every piece of writing that could be found (from the engravings of the soldiers to the trademark of the entrance bell, from the commemorative stone to the signals of the new post-pandemic entry regulations).

Regarding the fort as a book, an expanded diary and based on what is written inside it, the artist finds chapters from different times and different authors  in the same space.

These words have been transformed into a single story without conjunctions or adverbs, whose words are joined by the sound waves produced by the guitarist Stefano Graif and by the bassist, historian, guide and (ironically..) historical researcher  Andrea Casna, who create a sound map of the lyrics; each one elaborated through sound effects that enhance the concept and historical identity.

Just as the Fort is the only space that changes thanks to the technique, the narrating voice that gives voice to the traces left in the space is also unique and comes from the architect of the work.

Maria Vittoria Barrella
Born in Naples and raised in Trentino, she lives around.
She has numerous experiences in Cinema (Sky, Rai, Cannes Festival etc.) with significant roles and television experiences abroad, in advertising and radio.
She trained as an actress working for various national and regional companies and theaters, not underestimating her experiences abroad (France, Poland, Bosnia, China, etc.) and toured throughout Italy. From children's theater to dance, from prose to experimental theater, from readings to installation performance, hers is a constant experience of active research and learning, the daughter of more and more teachers and traveling companions. In 2016 she founded the La Burrasca Theater Company. If it is true that we contain multitudes, multiple experiences and expressions will be needed to communicate them and give them life.

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